Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

The final week of the module, the end deadline is almost there, and can happily say that im glad it’s almost complete.

For good reasons only.

I came into this module worried, that I will struggle to cope with the pace and sadly, that’s exactly what had happened, amongst other…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

User Acceptance Testing

I created a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which the purpose of it is to test the prototype to make sure it can handle the required tasks in the real-world scenarios. …

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Research — Monetising an App

The common way to monetise is to add in-app ads. This helps to keep the app free. Below are some of the ways to monetise an app.

Free app — users will be attracted quicker without the need to pay a cost. Free apps mean more user base but also…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

New team

Coming from Week 8, I have been introduced to Maya, who is currently working on her project on her own for this module. I liked the idea of her project and was convinced to join her project.

We had our first meeting on 28th July 2021 to discuss plans going…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

During Week 8, I had to reset which meant that I wasn’t able to progress in to going through the week 8’s materials.


By the end of Week 7, I had ended up falling out from the team. This was due to because I was not able to keep up…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Using this method, I will be able to demonstrate skills and technique about myself, showing off the good and opportunities whilst looking for improvements on the bad and of any possible threats.

The things I will consider for each point of…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

The team project’s Pitch Deck will be a brief presentation showcasing our purpose and goals. This will be in a PowerPoint or PDF format. The Presentation for the Pitch Deck will be an online meeting to our tutors and invitees of members from other businesses.

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Due to a team change in week 8, I have decided to update this post with the new team.

A team charter acts like a reminder to stay on track and meet objectives for all team members.

Team Charter will include (Created by Maya Bruney):

Our Values — To celebrate…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Pitch Research

Before our team can create a pitch desk this project, there was a few questions which we as a team needed to know.

  • what is the market share of sustainable and clean personal care products
  • what kind of people (marketing segmentation) use sustainable and clean products and what percentage are…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Spark Forum — 5W1H

Starting a new role is always a tough one, no matter the experience. Adjusting into the new role can be difficult but one that needs to overcome. I started my new role as Customer Support engineer in June 2021. More or less around the same start as this module. …

Saqib Zubair

Student At Falmouth University (Online Studies) — MA User Experience Design

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