Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

The final week of the module, the end deadline is almost there, and can happily say that im glad it’s almost complete.

For good reasons only.

I came into this module worried, that I will struggle to cope with the pace and sadly, that’s exactly what had happened, amongst other things. But in the end, I was able to end with the way I hoped. Along the way, I have experienced and learnt, and I can only use this as a benefit for any future projects. …

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

User Acceptance Testing

I created a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which the purpose of it is to test the prototype to make sure it can handle the required tasks in the real-world scenarios. The document will guide users through the prototype and enable interactions with the workflow to ensure everything works as it should from the end user perspective.

The document details a set of step tests, execution conditions and expected results developed for a particular objective.

User Testing

The user testing allows us to gain feedback, positive or negative. This is way for us to know we are creating the app the right way…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Research — Monetising an App

The common way to monetise is to add in-app ads. This helps to keep the app free. Below are some of the ways to monetise an app.

Free app — users will be attracted quicker without the need to pay a cost. Free apps mean more user base but also means no profit. Likely to include in-app ads for revenue.

A free app with a subscription model — free with limited access with option for premium access for a fee. This help create a user base, if the users like what they see they may upgrade to the premium. …

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

New team

Coming from Week 8, I have been introduced to Maya, who is currently working on her project on her own for this module. I liked the idea of her project and was convinced to join her project.

We had our first meeting on 28th July 2021 to discuss plans going forward. It looked like that the project was close to completion as the heavy work was done. All that was left was research and documentation to go along with the support for her Project.

Spark Form

Oatis + CO has a potential to be a great social platform community app. I do…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

During Week 8, I had to reset which meant that I wasn’t able to progress in to going through the week 8’s materials.


By the end of Week 7, I had ended up falling out from the team. This was due to because I was not able to keep up with the Teams’ demand. It was affecting both myself and the team. By now I have spoken to my tutor and made an executive decision to leave the team and taking full responsibility of what has happened.

It was a decision I did not take lightly and felt that I…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Using this method, I will be able to demonstrate skills and technique about myself, showing off the good and opportunities whilst looking for improvements on the bad and of any possible threats.

The things I will consider for each point of the method:

  • What I do well?
  • What skills I can offer?
  • What can I improve on?
  • What weaknesses do I have?
  • How can I improve?
  • What are the challenges?

My SWOT Analysis

  • Researching materials
  • Note taking
  • Documentation writing
  • Wireframe designs
  • Individual worker
  • Communication through chat and email
  • Accepting feedback
  • Hesitant in Large or…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

The team project’s Pitch Deck will be a brief presentation showcasing our purpose and goals. This will be in a PowerPoint or PDF format. The Presentation for the Pitch Deck will be an online meeting to our tutors and invitees of members from other businesses.

In order to showcase the pitch effectively, I have pointed to the team to include the following:

  • Introduction: Aim of the project
  • Team — the team members involved
  • Problem — identify the problem to overcome
  • Advantages / Solution — how does our project fix the project
  • Product — Show wireframe…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Due to a team change in week 8, I have decided to update this post with the new team.

A team charter acts like a reminder to stay on track and meet objectives for all team members.

Team Charter will include (Created by Maya Bruney):

Our Values — To celebrate success and Failure, Maintain a balanced work

Mission statement — Create a safe, Friendly, and social community platform for dog owners to meet.

Team Members — Maya Bruney (Project Leader), Saqib Zubair (Project Support), Cam Richards (Project Tutor)

Milestones — 19th August — Assignment 1 Submission (Pitch and documents), 24th…

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Pitch Research

Before our team can create a pitch desk this project, there was a few questions which we as a team needed to know.

  • what is the market share of sustainable and clean personal care products
  • what kind of people (marketing segmentation) use sustainable and clean products and what percentage are they representing?
  • what is the current market share of sustainable and clean personal care products?
  • What is the expected market share of these products in the future?

Over the last decade the average figures of sales in the health and beauty products have increased massively. …

Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Spark Forum — 5W1H

Starting a new role is always a tough one, no matter the experience. Adjusting into the new role can be difficult but one that needs to overcome. I started my new role as Customer Support engineer in June 2021. More or less around the same start as this module. I was instantly involved with some heavy tasks which I needed to learn quickly in order to provide the best support.

My role as a customer support engineer involves working with the product owner, technical support, and developers in almost a daily basis. …

Saqib Zubair

Student At Falmouth University (Online Studies) — MA User Experience Design

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