UX Design — Assignment brief

The Assignment for module — UX Design splits into 2. 70 % for Assignment 1 and 30% for assignment 2.

Assignment 1 — to create an UX Prototype along with a documentation and 7 minute Vide Case Study. The weekly materials will help through with the designing and the creation of the prototype.

Assignment 2 — to continue using the journal / blog reflecting and researching the weekly materials (similar to the previous module — development practice)

The prototype I wish to create for this assignment is to create a prototype design of a landlord tracker. This works closely to me personally as I am currently a Private landlord and to create something which can tie into this would be something of great. Over the last few years, I have heard and see the experiences of tenants having issues and problems with their estate agents. There have often been misunderstanding and miscommunication between the 2 as well as between the estate agents and the landlords. For me, it makes sense to move away from the reliance of the estate agent and to work directly with the tenants. Only the thing now is, I am missing a system in place which can help me keep tracker of all vital works.

The aim is to create an application that can help me stay on track with my property portfolio and that can also be easily accessible on the go. Currently I am having to store my to-do list, reminders and etc on a word document. This also means that I have to access my own computer to make updates. This involves time being wasted and can also lead to forgetting things.

I remember speaking to my estate agent when I first listed my property on the to-let marketing, they mentioned that they don’t currently have a system in place to help them track their property listings and that the systems that were available online were costly.

Ever since, this has been on my mind, although I own one, the responsibly that falls into this is huge and I am still learning making sure that I am fulfilling every duty correctly. With this current module, I now have a chance to create a version which is suitable to me.

There are many apps in the app store. Many are complex and majority offer limited service before upgrading to the full version (some require a monthly service). I will research to see what type of information I will need to include and compare this with my current data and ensure that I am able to create a prototype which matches my needs.

My focus is to aim for a clear, simplified prototype which a beginner is able to dive in without having to worry about the complexity of the app.


To complete the assignment, I will follow the weekly content that’s being offered. These will help me to produce to final documentation and product. The weekly content will act as pieces which will be used to come together to create the case study.

One of the few things I will need to be aware of is to keep up with the content materials. It will be best if I at least attempt to write up a draft version of each weekly content in order to then be able to come back to expand on the draft. Should I miss or get behind on the weekly content, I may not be able to make full use of the content as I may end up rushing just to meet the deadlines. This will also lead to missing out key and important parts of the module

The skills required during the course of the module will be reading, documentation writing researching, wireframing and prototype. Each of the listed skills are as important as each individual. In order to reach the highest mark possible throughout this module as well as those upcoming, I will need to ensure that I read carefully each of the modules’ contents. Documentation writing is also an important aspect as this is a heavy part of the assignment.

The plan for this module will to be complete the assignment which includes creating a prototype design and as well as reflecting on this on a weekly basis by using the weekly content and relating this to the assignment. I will aim to meet all assignment requirements in hope to achieve the highest mark. I will use the weekly module content to help me complete the goals and objectives for the assignment. I will commit to using those resources which are beneficial for me. I will do this over the course of 12 weeks.

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