UX Design: Week 4 — Design Studio

What is a Design Methodology?

The Design studio methodology is almost similar to a rapid ideation session, with the purpose to focus on design, generate design solutions rapidly and involve many key members such as stakeholders, designers and developers.

The structure of Design Studio:

- Users come together to show and provide feedback

- Collab together to create one concept based on feedback and ideas.

The design studio method should and can happen between the research and the design phase. But better to start as soon as possible to get an understanding for the final design. This should be continued and regularly updated whenever a problem in faced so that the solution can be discovered as soon as.

The benefit of the Design studio

Less time and money — generating rapid designs for solutions means less time and cost being wasted.

Better Visualisation — drawings and sketches can give better visualisation than words.

My thoughts on the Design Studio Methodology


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