UX Design — Week 5: Spark Forum

“People hesitate to come back to a website if they had a hard time navigating through it”

I think the above quote is somewhat true especially if the website has a bad UI and design. But there are websites with poor designs which users are having to rely on due to certain circumstances. For example, this could be that the website is providing them a service which they require.

It should be noted that websites should be regularly maintained and updated to keep up with the trend or at least meet the minimum design attraction in order to not further detract the user. The last thing a website shouldn’t do is fail.

Creating a website should be done with purpose and with a huge thought not only for the service the website will intend to provide but also for the interface and interaction. A new user will need to be eased in to using the website by laying out with the appropriate and attractive design. The navigation must be easy and simple. It can also set first impressions and if the website is a appealing, the users will judge in a positive way and likely invest more time in viewing the website. This leads on to building trust. Should the website be up to date and maintained the customer will begin to build the trust and again, invest in the service that’s being offered by the website.

Below is an example of the website that I have used a numerous occasion.

The screenshot below is from the Leeds city council website to pay the council tax online. The website looks outdated and seems to have last updated in 2015.

Leeds Council Tax Online Payment

Although I have tried to avoid using this website on many occasions, I’m forced to go back whenever I need to make an urgent payment. I’ve used this website more regularly over the past year due to the closure of post office during the lockdown periods.

For someone new to enter this website, I wouldn’t be surprised if their instant reaction was to immediately go off this.


This week’s content was again about the user experience. After researching a website which was not the best of user experience and gave a difficulty to use such as the Leeds Council Tax website, I acknowledged this is something that should totally avoid. My aim is to create a product which leaves the user feeling good and to not have negative thoughts about how the prototype. Not only creating the product offering the needs but also having a modern design and feel is one that will also be on my to do list.

It will be difficult for me to determine how to create the modern look, but I feel that by meeting the requirements first, I can then look to improving the design and look. I will use the current market apps to compare how to improve the designs. I will also use their feedbacks from the app store for any that’s relating to the user experience.

In order to create the best looking and user experience prototype, I will research the modern-day trends for an app. As this will help attract more customers. Any drafts and designs I come up with will help towards a good user experience.

My plan is to create a good looking UX design. I will do this by researching trends and design which fit to my category. I will create drafts and mock design to compare the design and to make a suitable decision for the prototype. I will aim to use the next 2 weeks to ahead of myself for this so that I ready to begin the prototype.


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Student At Falmouth University (Online Studies) — MA User Experience Design