UX Design: Week 1 — Spark Forum

What does User Experience (UX) mean to me?

My definition of User Experience is the appearance and design aspect. For instance, when looking at an object or an application, the design and appearance will be something that I will look at first. If this looks interesting, I am more likely pick up the item / application etc. Secondly, I will look for simplicity. Is the object easy and straight forward to use?

For Example, there could be 2 microwaves both offering the same functions but one of them is very cumbersome and the other is neater and clearer to interact. In this case, I will choose the neater option as this looks presentable.

Another example is choosing a perfect phone. This current top selling market phones are Samsung and iPhone. Both are doing well to attract customers; both offer similar features. The option here is about choosing the phone and operating system works well. For me, I have been with an iPhone since the launching of the iPhone 5 (Currently using the iPhone X).

As state by Rocket55 (ref:1) — UX is important as the aim is to fulfil the user’s need.

Having a good UX will attract the target audience. But the question falls — what is the right UX?

Going forward, for this module’s prototype I will need to think carefully about how I can take a good advantage of UX. It will be a real test but over the duration of the remaining module, I should be able to create one that is unique and meets the required user experience.

When approaching the assignment, the User Experience will be the vital part of the design. This will be something I will have to continuously keep in mind. Although my initial thought will be to keep the prototype design with simplicity, the user experience will have to be important, after all its an app that aim for users. After looking at examples of users experience such as Samsung and Apple, it’s clear that offering an attractive as well as simplicity design. This is something I can certainly understudy from and approach to my design.

The obstacles I will face during the UX Design Module, is the user experience aspect for the prototype. Ensuring that the user can experience the app with ease and without cumbersome. This is where I will need to think carefully of how to approach this. It is of course going to be challenging as it will be difficult to know if the user will like or use the app / prototype. To overcome this, I’ll need to ensure the prototype does what is intended to do.

Although I have some skills relating User Experience, the key research for UX Module will be Research, Wireframing and Prototype. This module will give me the opportunity to break down each skill to further expand the knowledge. I will hope to take full advantage of what’s being offered in the module in order to meet the full requirement for the current assignment as well as those upcoming.

The plan for this module will to be complete the assignment which includes creating a prototype design and as well as reflecting on this on a weekly basis by using the weekly content and relating this to the assignment. I will use the weekly module content to help me complete the goals and objectives for the assignment. I will commit to using those resources which are beneficial for me. I will do this over the course of 12 weeks.

Structure and Reflective Style


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