Week 11

User Acceptance Testing

I created a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which the purpose of it is to test the prototype to make sure it can handle the required tasks in the real-world scenarios. The document will guide users through the prototype and enable interactions with the workflow to ensure everything works as it should from the end user perspective.

The document details a set of step tests, execution conditions and expected results developed for a particular objective.

User Testing

The user testing allows us to gain feedback, positive or negative. This is way for us to know we are creating the app the right way. Any negative feedback will be used as an opportunity to improve the app.

Questions I sent out to user to test the prototype app are as follows





  • What do you think of the app?
  • How was the experience of using the app?
  • How easy or difficult was it to navigate?
  • What are your thoughts on design and Layout?
  • What did you like the most?
  • Was the language and words clear?
  • How would you describe your overall experience with the app?
  • What improvement can we make?
  • How likely would you recommend this app to a friend?
  • How frequently would you use this app?
  • Do you have any feedback?

Terms and conditions for Oatis + Co

Based on how Facebook have included for their Terms and conditions, it makes sense for Oatis + CO to make a similar approach. Below are the highlights and key points that Oatis + Co will look to include.

Identify the purpose of an App

  • The purpose for Oatis + is to…

How will the app be funded?

  • Free for users

Who can use the app?

  • Minimum age 18?

Who can’t use the app?

  • Cannot impersonate others
  • Cannot provide inaccurate information
  • You can’t do anything unlawful or misleading
  • Cannot be violent
  • Cannot post someone else’s private information

Permissions you give us

  • Permissions to use your name, profile picture, email
  • You agree that updates can be downloaded and installed to your device

Additional rights

  • Username may be changed it if selecting a similar name
  • Content Removal and Disabling / Terminating an account
  • We can remove any content if this is against the Terms of use
  • You deactivate your account but you Information will remain
  • You may permanently delete your account; data will be removed within 30 days after closing an account


1. Facebook, ND, Terms of Service, Facebook, Viewed 12th August 2021, Available at <https://www.facebook.com/terms.php>



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