Week 12

Review and Reflection

The final week of the module, the end deadline is almost there, and can happily say that im glad it’s almost complete.

For good reasons only.

I came into this module worried, that I will struggle to cope with the pace and sadly, that’s exactly what had happened, amongst other things. But in the end, I was able to end with the way I hoped. Along the way, I have experienced and learnt, and I can only use this as a benefit for any future projects. I found a team which understood the outside commitment and I think if the possibility is given, I will take the opportunity to work with this team again for a future project.

Overall, I was able to communicate efficiently through multiple platforms. A progress in way which helped all teams. This was made regularly almost on a daily basis, added to the weekly meetings that we had.

When I joined in week 8, it had seemed that almost all the heavy work was completed. There were still some remaining tasks left to complete. With me joining in, this helped my team a lot as I was able to do the research whilst the team was working on other things.

Looking at the Team charter now and considering that my week starting in week 8, I think I have done well to catch up to get familiar with the project, seeing the potential it has to go further after this module. We stuck with our roles and mission and in the end we met the deadline. Our vision was kept in mind from the beginning as this helped us stay on track and avoided any negative ground rules.


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