The Purpose of this week’s post is to discuss any experiences of ideation and rapid prototyping as well to share the positives and negatives.

I remember during my final year of BSc Computer Science; I was studying in a unit — Human Computer Interactions (HCI). The aim of this unit was to create a prototype design of travel tram service which is used currently in the Manchester Area. This was due to the fact that the design was very limited and cumbersome to what it offers.

Having a look now to see whether there have been any improvements on the official app, I can see that there has been very little changes and updates.

The tool used to create a prototype design was Axure RP. This tool is designed to allow to create wireframe designs. This was the first time I came across the app and has been used in my previous Rapid Ideation sessions. Using the wireframing tool has been a great experience for me and I would most certainly recommend this to others. I know that there are many other similar tools out there which is widely used such as Sketch, but Axure RP has to be the best starting point for me to begin. Going forward from here, I should be able to adapt to using other tools easier as the principles are the same.

During the Course of BSc Computer Science, I have particular enjoyed the subject HCI the most. The reason is that this unit was different to the rest, it didn’t involve any programming language and it was a nice change to have. It’s not to say that this was the easiest unit, but it was most certainly a breather as the aims and goals for this unit was different. I think I can say that because of the HCI unit, it made an impact of decision making for starting this MA UX design Course.

I really look forward to progressing with this course as I know there is more to learn and experience than just wireframing and prototypes.


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