Week 4

Pitch Research

Before our team can create a pitch desk this project, there was a few questions which we as a team needed to know.

Questions as follows:

  • what is the market share of sustainable and clean personal care products
  • what kind of people (marketing segmentation) use sustainable and clean products and what percentage are they representing?
  • what is the current market share of sustainable and clean personal care products?
  • What is the expected market share of these products in the future?

Over the last decade the average figures of sales in the health and beauty products have increased massively. In the years 2011–2019 the sales went from £30m to £105m and still rising.

Firgure 1: Sales Figure

I found that majority of the Health and Beauty sales came from the top 10 retailers:

  1. Boots
  2. Tesco
  3. Asda
  4. Sainsbury’s
  5. Superdrug
  6. Morrisons
  7. Debenhams
  8. John Lewis
  9. Holland & Barrett
  10. Savers

In 2017, Fashion Network had reported UK is expected to his £27Bn in the market sales by 2022 -although this may now not be the case due the pandemic and the lockdown period.

According to Retail Gazette, the Beauty industry is worth £27bn as of 2020 and ranks as 7th largest cosmetic market in the world. 2020, 37% of buyers in UK purchased the products online.

During the pandemic, people have been more careful in terms of which products to buy. There has been a rise of increase in Hygiene products such as Soap and hand sanitisers. Safety has been the priority during this time.

According to the article from Cosmetics Design — Europe, ingredient lists were closely inspected. Retailers were forced due to the pandemic to prioritise the online sales; people were shopping online a lot more.

With people having more time at home, most were able to think more carefully about skin care. Opting to focus on maintaining a natural and healthy skin.


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