Week 5

Due to a team change in week 8, I have decided to update this post with the new team.

Team Charter

A team charter acts like a reminder to stay on track and meet objectives for all team members.

Team Charter will include (Created by Maya Bruney):

Our Values — To celebrate success and Failure, Maintain a balanced work

Mission statement — Create a safe, Friendly, and social community platform for dog owners to meet.

Team Members — Maya Bruney (Project Leader), Saqib Zubair (Project Support), Cam Richards (Project Tutor)

Milestones — 19th August — Assignment 1 Submission (Pitch and documents), 24th August — Assignment 2 Submission (Blog)

Our Vision — mindful and respectful team. Expect to meet goals and deadlines. Attain weekly feedback.

Ground Rules — Meet the goals, open to feedback and changes.

I accepted and signed the Team Charter on Monday 2nd August 2021

View Team Charter Signed by myself:


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  2. Leading Effective Staff, 25th November 2020, Keep your Team on Track With a Team Charter, Center for Creative Leadership, Viewed 22nd August 2021, Available at < https://www.ccl.org/articles/leading-effectively-articles/what-is-this-team-for-and-why-am-i-here/>



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