Week 9

New team

Coming from Week 8, I have been introduced to Maya, who is currently working on her project on her own for this module. I liked the idea of her project and was convinced to join her project.

We had our first meeting on 28th July 2021 to discuss plans going forward. It looked like that the project was close to completion as the heavy work was done. All that was left was research and documentation to go along with the support for her Project.

Spark Form

Oatis + CO has a potential to be a great social platform community app. I do believe that Maya B, who is the project leader, will take the app further into the real world. There are many dog walkers who would love to meet other dog walkers.

Should this app to be released tomorrow, it would need a team to maintain the support the app on the go.

Are we are a team of 2, we will look to expand our team in order to keep up with the support and trend.

The team will follow as:

  • Maya Bruney — CEO / Director / Project Manager
  • Saqib — Project Support
  • Member 3 — Lead Developer
  • Member 4 — Senior Developer
  • Member 5 — Developer
  • Member 6 — Graduate / Junior Developer
  • Member 7 — UI Designer
  • Member 8 — Junior UI Designer
  • Member 9 — Customer Support 1
  • Member 10 — Customer support 2

The aim of the company will be to provide a social platform community app for Dog owners / walkers where they can meet and walk together.

Company Name — Oatis + CO

Working Strategy

  • Remote work — to allow us to employ people different area rather than be restricted.
  • 37.5 Hrs a week Mon- Fri with flexible start and end time.

Communication — Email, MS Teams and Zoom

Keep up with the good work

Since I have a new team, the former Team Charter was no use to me and therefore signed a new team charter with a new Mission Statement and purpose.

I think both myself and Maya understand the difficulty and commitment that we have and that we don’t expect both of us to complete any given task almost instantly. Although we are reaching close to the deadline, it does certainly feel like I have room to do so in my own pace. That’s not to say that I have not stepped-up a pace, it just feels like I have a bit more freedom.


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